Going Green

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Powers Distributing is going "Green" in many ways.





In 2009, Powers Distributing became the first beverage  wholesaler in the country to convert 50% of its Delivery Fleet to a more fuel efficient hybrid route tractor.  Currently we have 20 hybrid tractors on the road which is more than any other beer distributor in the country.  When weather permits, all of our  vehicles are fueled by B20 biodiesel.  Our On-Premise trailers are refrigerated  to maintain the highest quality of draft beer.

Our Sales Fleet has also become eco-friendly.  In 2007 we converted our 23 person Off-Premise sales team from V8 cargo vans to four cylinder Saturn Vue’s and several newer model    Flex–Fuel vehicles and in 2008, the sales management team began driving hybrids. 

Powers has also moved to "cloud" computing for email, document collaboration, and sales analytics. Cloud computing is far more energy efficient than in-house solutions, and has other benefits such as high-availability and redundancy on a scale that would be difficult to cost effectively achieve in-house.

The recycling operations include glass bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard, plastic bottles, and used stretch film. We also recycle office paper, shop metal, and wooden pallets. 

Grounds surrounding the warehouse are irrigated by a storm water run-off collection system.

Projects to upgrade energy efficient lighting are well under way. Recently, we have started to replace our high bay, high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures with T5 fluorescent  fixtures, and T8 lamps with electronic ballasts are replacing all of our office-area old style T12 fluorescent lights. The warehouse and office area also includes automatic shut-off lighting.



See how our sustainability efforts have reduced our carbon footprint over the last few years: